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Letters written by the #erased

We, the erased family members, stand together, with compassion and hope, to help others overcome this difficult season with publishing our heartfelt letters.

Too many erased family members have suffered in silence. Time to be heard and use your voice for those who feel an obligation to remain quiet.

We are providing an outlet to give you some contentment during what often feels like unbearable pain. We are going to publish a book from the target parent point of view.

We are editing letters that are going to be published into a book so others have a glimpse into our hell and may finally understand that by saying nothing, they are supporting a child abuser.

Thrilled you are intrigued! So…

If you had the ability to write an uncensored letter to your child(ren) what would it say?
Seriously, what do you wish you could say, need to say, but for reasons obvious to all of US, know that there is absolutely no way you could ever send such a letter?

We are collecting your letters so “Obstructive Parenting/Parental Alienation” can be a conversation in the mainstream.

There are researchers, clinicians, mental health and attorneys weighing in. Let’s speak louder and stronger. Time to give the term a voice, a story, and the broken hearts.

We call this project “Voices of the Fearless” because that is who we all are. There was a point we were alone in this journey – confused, scared, afraid and so many other turbulent emotions. Let’s not let anyone else feel isolated and desperate. Time to widen our circle of influence and validate those who are still suffering in silence.

Now, let’s get started…

Love and gratitude,
Eva & Noreen

PS-This is going to be AMAZING! We are very excited and hope you are too!!!

PS2-Here is some motivating data:
When anyone searches for “Parenting” under Books, there are OVER TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND on Amazon. From that list, there are ONLY NINETY-THREE related to Obstructive Parental Alienation. (That computes to .000465 = .05%) YES, it appears that less than half of a percent of Parenting books addressing Parental Alienation. While there are THOUSANDS of active targeted parents on social media – and trying to find other target parents in private communities or using an alias because they need a human connection to discuss their grief. Therefore, many are hidden behind a mask of shame – which is so tragic.
Yet, we know there are about 22 MILLION of us battling this epidemic!


First, all letters are going to be signed “Anonymous” however, if you want to put a ‘Dear Abby’ type tagline, alias, initials or whatever else you desire, that is a-ok.  Know that NO NAMES will be used.  As a target parent, I would love the special invitation to contribute one of my letters, but I would NEVER use my children’s names or my name.  

Next, there will be an editing process. 

Submitting your letter is super easy.  You can either copy and paste your letter into the text box below or you can email to  

Any money made will be donated to the campaign for completion of the “Erasing Family” documentary.  

After 100 downloads, we will randomly award one of our contributors with a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

If there are any additional questions, please ask.  This is the first of what we expect will be many.  Help us get this right. 

This survey contains only 3 questions.  The themes are:
     1. Who is your letter written to?
     2. Your letter
     3. How would you like the letter signed

The purpose for your email address is to communicate updates to the project.  We promise that it will NOT be used as any kind of public identifier! As someone who lives this hell, Noreen gets it.  

Thank you for participating in this special edition of Voices of the Fearless.  Know that numerous people will benefit from your experience, thoughts and words.

Thankful & Grateful,

Eva & Noreen

If you are unable to access the survey & submit your letter, please email us:

What best represents your message or tagline? Here are some considerations: "Anonymous", Initials, State/Country, Catch Phrase, "Dear Abby" Name, Etc.
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